Month: March 2019

Debt consolidation

The Cheapest Business Loan

Finding cheap business loan on your own is very time-consuming. In practice, even getting a company loan is difficult. Banks are reluctant to lend to companies. That’s why in my comparator you will find banks that are relatively willing to credit entrepreneurs. If you are just about to open a company, the only solution will […]


Loans denied to small businesses: Made in Italy loses points

In times of crisis, lack of liquidity is a problem for everyone, employees, pensioners and entrepreneurs. The former can access a wide range of loan types, from the sale of the fifth to the Regan Inpdap, while for companies, things get complicated. Why loan denied for small businesses? Companies can also count on a wide […]


Start-up financing for the self-employed, founders and entrepreneurs

How freelancers, founders and entrepreneurs find the suitable start-up financing! Presenting a sustainable business model, convincing customers and finding financing partners are among the most important tasks of a company in the start-up and development phase of a company. In order to create a stable economic base investments in machines, employees and technologies are necessary. […]