New corporate loan offers

New corporate loan offers

– for start-ups for new companies, revolving ones, with EU support or from the non-banking sector, for companies and people having problems with obtaining financing in the bank.

I have not written about corporate loans for a long time, so today is the best time to catch up and present current loan offers for companies for 2017. I will check what has emerged in this respect, as well as see what has changed in the offers that are available on the market, for at least several years.

When writing about loans for companies, in today’s statement, there will be both loans available for new startups, revolving loans, loans available completely online as well as loans available by non-banking.

BIZnest – Loans in Ratach

I will start with a novelty from Nest Bank, which was previously known as Biz Bank. The bank has to offer a loan for entrepreneurs with a long repayment period. No additional assets or guarantors are required to obtain a loan for companies in Nest Bank. A loan for companies in Nest Bank can be used for any purpose. We will obtain a preliminary credit decision in the next few minutes. The maximum loan amount can be up to PLN 450,000 with a repayment period of up to 144 months. The loan is available to entrepreneurs who settle on the KPiR, tax card or lump sum.

Loans for companies 2017 – loan offers and additional financing for companies

Loans for companies 2017 - loan offers and additional financing for companies

Open Finance – A loan for any company purpose

As you probably know, Open Finance is a consulting company that helps in obtaining the best financing in cooperation with individual banks. As part of the offer, the company makes it possible to apply for a loan of up to PLN 500,000, without additional ZUS or US certificates, with an express decision. Acquiring a loan is possible from the first day of operation.

Metabank – a loan with an online decision

An offer for people who would like to get pre-formalities related to the loan online. Full information about the possibility of obtaining it, we will receive before visiting the facility. The loan offer may reach up to PLN 300,000 and the initial decision on granting the loan is issued without the need to visit a bank branch. It is not required to submit certificates from Social Security and Tax Office. To receive the loan, it is enough to present the history of the company account from the last 6 months in the form of a PDF statement.

Metabank – Start credit

The second proposal among loan offers for 2017 companies, which I would like to mention is a loan for a start, a loan for new companies, available from the first day of operations at Metabank. This means that we can get a loan without presenting certificates of income earned, but only on the basis of a prepared business plan in a simplified version. We can submit an initial application for a start-up loan online without visiting the bank’s outlet.

financinga – credit limit

One of the novelties that has been available to entrepreneurs for some time. financinga offers a credit line from PLN 5,000 to PLN 150,000, with a maximum repayment period of up to 12 months. Using the available loan calculator, we can calculate the exact cost of the loan, depending on what amount we are interested in and with what repayment period. The loan is available without the need to submit ZUS or US certificates. We are able to choose any repayment period – fast within 1 or 2 months, as well as with more monthly installments.

Cryptobank – loan for companies

The first and the only company in the non-bank loan sector in this list, which in this particular case has a financing offer for enterprises. The available amount of loans is up to PLN 10,000 with a repayment period from 8 to 24 months. It is worth noting that the offer is also addressed to people who have just started running their own business. The costs of loans are not particularly high for a non-bank offer. We can calculate the exact cost of the loan even before applying for a loan.

Daefabank – EU subsidy

At the very end of our review Business loans 2017. Although it is not a loan offer, but an offer for people running a business or business, which would be interested in obtaining subsidies from the European Union. The bank provides full help of advisors and consultations regarding subsidies. By providing preliminary information about the region in which our company operates, the purpose for which we intend to obtain EU funds and industries, we can automatically learn the list of currently available subsidies.