Payroll Loan

Payroll Loan

This modality of loan is directed to retirees, INSS pensioners, military and civil servants. It is a type of credit more advantageous to have the lower interest rates and better payment terms.

Payroll deductible credit is debited directly from the payroll or benefit sheet, so there is greater security of receipt from the bank, which reflects the greater ease of the request.

The interest rate is also stipulated by law, so banks can not extrapolate the values.

At Loans, payroll loans can be paid up to 72 times, with interest rates ranging from 2.12% to 2.42% per month. The amounts will depend on the applicant’s registration analysis.

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

This is also a loan directed to retirees and pensioners of the INSS, civil servants and military. It is an option for those who have already used up all the margin and need more money.

The margin established is a percentage of 30% in relation to the salary of the applicant, and that can not be exceeded. This measure seeks to inhibit the problems caused by very high installments in the salaries of borrowers.

However, in this type of personal loan interest rates are considerably higher, and may reach 19.18% per month.

Since the payroll margin has already taken 30% of the salary of the server, the risks of non-payment of installments increase and, consequently, interest as a guarantee of receipt for the bank.

Private Employee Loan

Private Employee Loan

For those employees of private companies who can not apply for payroll loan, there is this option. In order for the loan to be requested, the applicant must have a minimum of 12 months of portfolio signed in the same company.

The interest for private employees is similar to that of the personal loan, that is, it is 19.18% per month. A high interest rate because of the greater risks of non-receipt.

Anticipation of the Thirteenth Salary

The self-explanatory name suggests the loan proposal. The interest rates of the installments are informed to each client, according to the salary, with the requested amount, with the possibility of payment.

How the loan works

How the loan works

At ” Loans ” the minimum term for payment is 3 months and this period can be extended in up to 72 months, according to the approval and analysis of your registration and your needs.

The minimum age to apply for a loan is 18 full years, or if the applicant is legally emancipated. The maximum age is 85 years and clients up to 80 years can repay their loans in up to twelve months. Over 80 years the deadline decreases a little and falls from 12 months to 8.

How much money is released on each loan

The minimum loan amounts at are 200.00 reais and the maximum amount is 10.000 reais. The request and approval of the value is directly related to your registration and your payment possibilities.

After approval of the data record and analyzes, you will be informed of the available values ​​as well as the payment terms.

For loan modalities such as ” Personal Loan, Private Employee and Advance of the 13th, payment periods are between 3 and 12 installments, at a maximum amount granted by the bank up to 2,000.00 reais .”

and loan for negatives – is it possible?

and loan for negatives - is it possible?

There is the possibility of people with the negative name next to the credit protection agencies like SPC / SERASA getting a loan. Public employees, pensioners and retirees by the INSS are some categories that can request the loan even if there is a restriction in relation to the CPF.

Since the parcel amounts are debited directly from the payroll or the benefit, the guidelines regarding name denial are less rigid than on other types of loans.

Where to apply for the loan approved?

Where to apply for the loan approved?

To apply for the loan, it is not necessary to go to an agency of the bank, unless you want to walk to the bank. The most interesting thing is to be able to request through the application on your cell phone . This option makes it easier for those who do not have the time to lose by moving to other locations.

The minimum amount released in each consigned loan is R $ 200.00, and the maximum amount is R $ 10,000.00. Apart from this value, it is worth the maximum limit of contracting capacity in the margin or analysis of documentation. For refinancing (negotiating installments of loan already contracted), the minimum amount is R $ 50.00, and can reach R $ 10,000.00.

In the website of just put the name and phone that the staff of the bank between contact me and processes the whole request quickly, easily and without red tape.

The bank in the Claim here has an acceptance note from customers. In the last 12 months, all 6021 complaints have been answered.

Of these, no unanswered complaints were found. 72.8% of customers would go back to doing business with them, and they have 84.9% troubleshooting index. The grade is 7.64. As you yourself can see ‘s reputation is considered great, and few credit companies reach that level.

Before applying for any type of loan it is always important to do an analysis of your finances. In addition, it is interesting to check which is the bank with more affordable values ​​and with better payment plans.

By taking these care you will be able to close a deal with the guarantee of having found the best option. Was there any question not clarified in this post? So, leave a comment so we can meet your expectations on the topic.

Innovation in payment solution

Innovation in payment solution

In addition to credit and loan services, has become an innovative bank, recently launched – a new feature that rethought the way you make payments, the idea being that your customers’ financial transactions are an odd experience.

‘s new payment solution at gas stations, tolls and parking garages uses nothing less than the vehicle’s own plate to confirm the transaction – the concept utilizes both push notification through the customer’s mobile phone and facial recognition without that the customer has to leave the car.

To make it even easier, is integrated directly into the bank’s application, the system allows the debit to be made into the digital account and credited to the service provider’s account in an easy, fast and transparent way.