How freelancers, founders and entrepreneurs find the suitable start-up financing!

Presenting a sustainable business model, convincing customers and finding financing partners are among the most important tasks of a company in the start-up and development phase of a company. In order to create a stable economic base investments in machines, employees and technologies are necessary. Marketing, office and personnel costs as well as the pre-financing of goods must be taken into account. In addition, banks demand high levels of collateral for the provision of loans, especially for start-ups. Quick questions arise: How much seed capital is needed? What should the financing structure look like? Can subsidies be claimed? However, access to the necessary financial resources is proving to be challenging.

State aid for start-up financing

With more than 1,700 funding programs throughout Germany and Europe, the state subsidy landscape is very diverse. Often founders expect low-interest loans and even microloans from a few hundred to 25,000 euros, with grace-free start-up years are possible. However, the path through the jungle of subsidies is very cumbersome and unmanageable due to the complicated procurement guidelines and also has a big time factor for young entrepreneurs. State funding is a good financial basis for any startup company and also a help in finding investors. What young entrepreneurs in particular often lack is the expert knowledge from the outside to use this capital properly.

Find the right financing partner, but how?

Finding the right partner for start-up financing is a big challenge, even with a convincing business plan. This despite the fact that there are no fewer than 1,700 subsidy programs at EU, federal and state level in Germany apart from business angels, private investors and venture capital companies.

The finance portal Inancingent offers various packages for the start-up financing, which are perfectly geared to the needs of the self-employed, start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Experienced consultants check the financial structure and feasibility of your project and directly integrate the suitable funding partners from the Inancingent network, such as KfW or the Bürgschaftsbanken. With the start-up packages from Inancingent you create the right conditions for successful financing.

Through an exact analysis of the start-up project in terms of feasibility, capital structure and collateral, Inancingent creates the conditions for successful start-up financing.

Appropriate mix of financing instruments and funding

Both classic forms of financing and alternative instruments and funding are considered depending on the start-up plans. Inancingent offers a unique network of 220 relevant financing partners and development banks. The Inancingent consultants can not only review the start-up project, but also submit the request directly to the appropriate financing partner. A huge advantage for founders, self-employed, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Inancingent offers specific start-up financing packages

Inancingent offers specific start-up financing packages

With Inancingent’s start-up packages, self-employed people and founders are able to create their business plan. Inancingent’s experienced consultants are very familiar with the needs of start-ups and start-ups, and are therefore in a position to find the right financing partner or the appropriate funding.

Start-up financing through state subsidy programs!

When clarifying the start-up financing, a detailed check is made as to whether one or more of the 1,700 funding programs of the German State or the European Union can be used for financing. The range of funding for start-ups is very extensive: Depending on the start-up plans, applicants can resort to more than 500 funding programs – awarded by the federal government, the states, the European Union and guarantee banks.

Advantage Inancingent: Bank-independent and cross-product financing analysis!

Advantage Inancingent: Bank-independent and cross-product financing analysis!

Inancingent is a bank-independent and cross- product financial portal: N business loans are also financial products such as leasing, factoring, mezzanine capital, purchasing and project finance, private debt. or offered for real estate financing. More than 220 financial service providers and banks as well as 1,700 subsidy programs at EU, federal and state level in Germany are now connected to the finance portal Inancingent. The applicant can choose from several offers and compare.

Fast and easy to start up financing: in 3 steps to tailor-made offer!

  1. Create user account and enter financing project (call for tenders). If the information entered matches a support program deposited with Inancingent, the company is made aware of this and can directly access the program’s consideration of the offer made by the banks and savings banks. Furthermore, the applicant sets a period until when he expects a response to the call. If you have questions, a customer service is available.
  2. If potential donors (investors, financial service providers, funding institutions,…) are interested in the application, various offers will be received during the specified period. This finds the applicant in his user account.
  3. If the set deadline has expired, the applicant is ideally spoiled for choice. Upon request, the applicant can also request a neutral consultation from Inancingent. Once the decision has been made, Inancingent establishes contact between both parties.

Inancingent at a glance:

  • Financing for start-ups, as well as traders, self-employed persons and companies
  • Specific package solutions for start-up financing
  • Corporate Credits – Factoring – Leasing – Private Equity
  • Online comparison of financial products from over 220 financial partners
  • Access to 1,700 funding programs at EU, federal and state level in Germany
  • Free quote within 24 hours

Are there alternatives to Inancingent for the start-up financing?

Are there alternatives to Inancingent for the start-up financing?

Yes there is. Crowdfunding is a very interesting and increasingly popular alternative form of financing to conventional methods of raising money. Crowdfunding is gaining in popularity, especially in start-up innovation and start-up financing, as venture capital firms and financial institutions are very selective in their choice of new projects. Often, high-quality projects are rejected because other projects are already in the same sector or the financial resources are already invested. The financing form crowdfunding makes founders and startup companies independent of the selection criteria of the banks or venture capital providers and is therefore considered an interesting alternative to conventional capital investments. In times of social media, crowdfunding is also an ideal instrument for targeted marketing.

Our tip for founders and young entrepreneurs is Funding Circle.

Funding Circle is the first digital online platform for companies, self-employed, freelancers, young entrepreneurs, founders and traders in Germany. The concept is based on the familiar crowdfunding principle: private investors and investors finance one or more projects via the Funding Circle platform.

Many self-employed and small companies do not know that…

  1. … Crowdfunding is an interesting form of financing, in particular for start-ups and young entrepreneurs, as an alternative to traditional venture capital companies. Our tip for this is Funding Circle.
  2. … the Financial Technologies company allows iwoca access for short-term bridging loans up to € 100,000 within a few hours and thus within one working day!
  3. … Factoring as a credit alternative for medium-sized companies is not only an interesting solution in times of crisis!
  4. … the “Digital Mittelstandskredit” (DMK) offered by Inancingent meets the requirements for fast lending to bridge financing bottlenecks. This allows customers to receive a loan commitment of more than € 100,000 within only 24 hours, with a maximum of € 750,000 within 48 hours. Also under: Inancingent also for fast credit solutions within 24 hours!
  5. … that the purpose of the loan may also be important in the credit decision of the bank.

Everything else about loans for the self-employed, freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and small companies find loan seekers in our practice guide loan for small businesses & self-employed.