The Cheapest Business Loan

Finding cheap business loan on your own is very time-consuming. In practice, even getting a company loan is difficult. Banks are reluctant to lend to companies. That’s why in my comparator you will find banks that are relatively willing to credit entrepreneurs.

If you are just about to open a company, the only solution will be a cash loan for a natural person, eg you or you along with a partner. In the comparator you will also find many options.

What corporate credit to choose?

I will introduce you to a few typical situations that my readers meet:

A loan to start a business

A loan to start a business

If you only want to start a company but you need money to start, the only solution will be a cash loan for a natural person. However, it is important that you have a permanent documented source of income at the time you apply for a loan. Do not move without it.

A loan for the purchase of transport and machinery

Leasing is the fact that you get the vehicle or machine right away, and pay the lease installments every month. Depending on the type of leasing, you can include the entire leasing installment in the tax deductible costs. If you would like to use a car or machine leasing, go ahead and contact me here. My team will receive the cheapest leasing and will take care of all formalities.

Loan for company development

In my comparator you will find typical cash loans for companies that you can use for corporate purposes, most often for investments. Banks rarely ask what exactly you need credit for. All banks require the company to operate and be profitable for at least 12 months.

Overdraft facility (rotating)

Overdraft facility (rotating)

The credit line is particularly important for commercial operations. You can download the loan at any time, in the amount you need. The revolving loan serves to meet temporary needs. The investment is not often suitable due to the condition of the repayment period. By clicking any “submit application” button in the price comparison you will be transferred to the contact form – a bank employee or my team will find the best working capital loan for your company.

Credit card for the company

The limit on a company’s credit card can amount to several hundred thousand euros. The card is often used in online shopping. By clicking any “submit application” button in the price comparison you will be transferred to the contact form – an employee of a specific bank or my team will find the best credit card for your company. You need to be aware that a credit card is usually the most expensive type of a company loan.

Consolidation loan for the company

Most often, an entrepreneur is indebted and can not get another loan. It can not turn many loans into one loan. Here, a non-bank consolidation loan of up to € 5 million comes with assistance, which is granted against real property collateral. The default loan period is 12 months. Thanks to such a loan, you can repay all your liabilities and thus release your creditworthiness in banks. The collateral loan can then be repaid from the newly taken credit at the bank. In this way, you can free yourself from many different loan commitments and extend your repayment period.

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